Process Service

Professional, Experienced Process Servers

Most of our Process Serving Staff have been with us for over 25 years. Our staff will legally and properly serve your documents in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburban areas. We can also arrange for service nationwide through our network of professional Process Servers.

What We Serve

We serve any legal documents allowed by law, including Summons, Complaints, Subpoenas, Court Orders, Pleadings, etc.

Philadelphia Service Specialist

We are a local company that has been serving documents in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley area since 1973. Pennsylvania Law allows us to serve Complaints or Summons in Philadelphia, regardless of where they were filed. Providing Attorneys with an option for fast, efficient service at reasonable rates.

Latest Technology Provides for Prompt Service Updates

Our advanced communication and computerized systems track all documents while in the process of being served. E-mail reports are sent to our clients when their documents have been served. If there is a problem with completing the service, such as a bad address, you will receive an e-mail status report or a phone call.

Local Service Area

Pennsylvania Counties:

Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, and Philadelphia

New Jersey Counties:

Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Mercer

Delaware Counties:

New Castle

Nationwide Service

We can arrange for service anywhere in the country through our network of Process Serving firms.


Skip Tracing

Locating a person through Skip Tracing is much more than typing a name into a Public Access Program on the Internet.

We use highly sophisticated search engines that are designed to assist Process Servers locate witnesses and parties to a legal action. This information is then reviewed and analyzed by our professional staff. Often, the reports can provide additional information that can be used in the preparation of a case.

There are different levels of Skip Tracing searches, starting with the basic search to locate a subject, through full history searches.

Skip Tracing Service will only be provided to Attorneys, Law Offices, and Government agencies in need of information for pending or future litigation. We do NOT provide this service to the general public.


Contacting an Unresponsive Client

Has your client not responded to your calls or correspondence? We can verify their address, and make personal contact at their residence or business address. If they have moved, we can perform Skip Trace services in an attempt to locate their new address. Do not wait until the last minute to contact your client.


Affidavit of Investigation

We will do all the research needed to verify a subject’s current location, or provide proof they cannot be located. We supply a full Affidavit and supporting documents.


Postal Address Verification Request

We will prepare and submit the proper forms to the US Post Office. Postal responses can provide address verification, or forwarding addresses of record.


Legal Courier Services

Dennis Richman’s Services is not your typical service. We only transport legal documents, exhibits, evidence, and other items that pertain to current litigation.



Our experienced staff will properly file your pleadings in area Court Houses.